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What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

Diverse Destinations

We push the boundaries on where we take women. We want you to get outside your comfort zone and our trips allow you to do so safely.

Adventure Time

From rock climbing to dog sledding to rafting to hiking to paddling and more, the adventures are limitless.

Fast Booking

It's never been easier to book a trip with us!

Bucket List

Whether its a destination or an activity, reach out to us to help make YOUR bucket list item come true!

Like-minded Women

Here is your chance to meet like-minded women, form lifelong friendships and find forever travel partners.

Personalized Service

Our staff is on hand to help you along the way. Whether you need help booking a flight, have dietary restrictions or just need to chat with someone, we are here to help.


Incredible Women




Local Meetup Groups

What kind of explorer are you?

These trips are designed to push the boundaries of traditional destinations. Your safety is most important to us on these trips. Diverse destinations, unknown places, Instagramable moments. Prepare yourself for an incredible, mind blowing, once in a lifetime experience with these trips.

Our trips designed for the contemporary explorer go outside the traditional tour model. Instead of hotels and eating out, we all stay together in one house, cook together and become a family. A contemporary explorer doesn’t mind sharing a bed/room as well as bathroom with others. The itineraries on these trips are not set in stone and subject to change based on what the group wants. Come to these trips with a bucket list idea and we will do our best to make it happen!

Trips designed for the traditional explorer follow a more organized route, with a set itinerary. Accommodations will be in hotels or similar, meals will be eaten at restaurants and these trips have a local guide.

Designed for the explorer that can only get away for a weekend at a time. Think cozy cabins, activities such as horseback riding, rock climbing, dog sledding and more.

Do you like camping? Backpacking? Hut Trips? If you answered yes to any of the above, these trips are designed specifically for you.

Love us but can’t swing a trip? Join your local group for monthly activities.

Adventure of a lifetime!

I chose to go on a Women Who Explore trip with my girlfriend to “get out of my comfort zone”. Little did I know not only would it connect me even deeper to nature, it would open the door to meeting new like minded women. Women who have vision, who are accepting, and goal orientated.  We had the time of our lives. Exploring, creating bonds that will last forever, and getting back to what is really important. Jenny and Lindsay have created the best adventures for women, that are affordable, memorable and life altering. Every adventure I go on with these women never disappoints and grounds me more each outing. Mountains, wine and good people !!!  My experiences truly are priceless.


Life Changing

The Women Who Explore trips have helped me to gain more confidence around women. Growing up I was physically and mentally abused by my peers, which caused me to be fearful of women as I got older. Tired of not having female friends, I decided to attend a Women Who Explore trip in an effort to bond with women who had similar interests as I do. Instead of being rejected, they welcomed and accepted me, giving me the courage to be myself unapologetically. I'm still working on overcoming my social anxiety around women, but each Soul Sisters event I attend helps me grow stronger and more confident. Women Who Explore has changed my life in countless ways and I couldn't be more grateful for the positive impact their getaways have had on me.


Amazing Weekend!

I would have never expected that one weekend would help me gain so much confidence in myself. Being surrounded by so many other strong, inspiring women left me feeling like I was able to achieve anything. I decided to travel alone on this trip, which seemed intimidating for only a short period of time. Quickly I realized that I wasn't going to be "alone" at all. Not only were the leaders, Lindsay and Mel so incredibly welcoming, but all the women involved embraced one another with open arms. The outdoor adventures we experienced were amazing (hiking and rock climbing in Yosemite), but more than that, the stories we shared with one another is what really made this weekend so beautiful. Reminding me that no matter what differences you may have with another individual, there is always a way to connect. A big thanks to Women Who Explore for including me in such a wonderful getaway!

Jaclyn ,

Trip was AMAZING!

"I'm a very introverted person. It takes quite a while for me to open up and feel comfortable around people. I often struggle to connect with others because of this, and find myself in awe of those that are able to so easily. When we talked about how women often compete instead of empower each other, and doing something outside of your comfort zone, I literally got chills. I feel like I was supposed to be here this weekend. I may not have shown as much emotion as others, but once I got in my car to head home, I began reflecting on everything and the tears just started to flow. I need to remind myself that it is ok to allow others to see your vulnerable side. You girls welcomed me, a complete stranger, with open arms as if you had known me for a lifetime.  I am so grateful to you both for hosting such an incredible weekend"

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