Women Who Explore visits Del Norte County!

Have you ever take a vacation and immediately start looking up houses for sale in the area because it was that perfect and you felt that much at home? That’s exactly what happened when we visited Del Norte County.

Crescent City is nestled in the heart of Del Norte County. Surrounded by some of the most epic landscapes and home to fun tour companies and friendly businesses, this unassuming city has a lot to offer.
We started our week with the woman-owned Crescent Trail Rides. You have the option of a Redwoods or beach view trail ride and we chose the latter. This is definitely my first trail ride where there wasn’t at least one naughty horse trying to sneak away from the herd! There was a lot to take in and our guides pointed out historical points of interest along the way. One of women in our group enjoyed it so much that she opted to book the Redwoods trail ride on the last day of our trip!

After the morning ride, we visited the newly opened Grove of the Titans trail, home of some of the world’s largest Redwoods. This easy trail is a must see see on any trip to the Redwoods. You will find yourself whispering as you walk past the impressing Lost Monarch and el Viejo del Norte. Every trail with these ancient giants feels like you’re walking into a holy space.

After a full day outside we headed to Seaquake Brewery. One of the owners, Matt, gave us a tour of the brewery. Pretty sure this is the best spot to get food and locally brewed beer! Personal favorite? Everyone Loves Paul Redd. I have to admit, it’s partly due to the name! It’s also an easy walk to the Battery Point Lighthouse if you want to work off all the yummy calories you just indulged in!
The next morning we spent more time exploring local trails. Fern Canyon was another favorite. Trails range from 1 mile to 20 miles so it’s a pretty perfect area for all skill levels.

Our morning excursion got us ready for our afternoon canoe ride with Yurok Redwood Canoe Tour in Klamath. This quiet adventure takes you back in time as you learn about the Yurok history and way of life while floating along the river in a traditional canoe dugout from a Redwood tree. The Yurok canoe, Oohl’-we-yoch, honors the tallest trees on earth by giving them new life as one of the Yurok’s most prized creations. Between the scenery, storytelling, traditional song, and uniqueness of gliding in a dugout canoe, this tour is 100% worth the money spent. Pro tip… make sure to stop by Klamath Lookout for sunset on the way back to Crescent City! 

On our last full day, we ventured back into the Jedidiah Smith State Park with Soul Feet Retreat for a guided energy balancing hike. Whether this is your cup of tea or not, you can’t really argue the healing that happens when you are surrounded by the Redwoods. There is a magical feeling and calm that settles over you. Connie, our guide, took us to a quiet spot where a harvest was awaiting our arrival. It’s amazing how quickly time passes when you’re sitting at this base of a Redwood, eyes closed, listening to the mesmerizing music. 

Before heading in our separate directions for a free afternoon of exploring, we enjoyed a cheese platter from Rumiano Cheese Company. Our original plan had been to take a tour of the facility, but Covid-19 restrictions didn’t allow for this. To lesson our disappointment, they gifted us with a platter of every kind of cheese you could imagine! I’m definitely excited to go back and take the tour in person! 

The morning before everyone went their separate ways, we stopped by Trees of Mystery. While we did it on our last day, I highly recommend doing it on your first day! This is the perfect intro to the Redwoods area with history about the area, information about the trees and an easy (but very fun) path to navigate. On the Canopy Trail you get to walk immersed among the trees on suspension bridges and glide through the forest on the SkyTrail gondola ride. Don’t forget to save time for the End of Trail Collection before leaving!

Saying goodbye at the end of our trips is always hard! We took a short hike to hidden beach for a few short photos before parting ways. We couldn’t have asked for a better spot to make new friends than Del Norte County!


If you are looking to visit the area, head over to Visit Del Norte County to get all the information you need to plan the perfect trip!

Written by: Melissa Wright
Photos by: Melissa Wright