Let’s face it, we all like to be comfortable. There’s a wonderful feeling that comes from falling into a routine and knowing just what to expect. The problem is that sometimes we can get a little too comfortable. That’s when we stop introducing new things into our lives and sort of plateau. Life is pretty good inside our little comfort bubbles, and while stepping outside of this bubble can be the scariest thing you do, it can also be the most wonderful. Here are a few reasons why it’s time to take the leap and do something that scares you.


You’ll discover a new passion

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Life in the comfort zone is filled with things that are familiar. From your favourite films to your go-to restaurants, you feel content because of the sense of familiarity and understanding of things. You know just what to expect. As nice as this can be, you aren’t being exposed to new things that you might actually love. There may be a whole new hobby waiting for you out there that you haven’t discovered yet. Perhaps you’ll realize that you have a knack for rock-climbing, or maybe you’ll find that you love learning about history. There’s only one way to find out. 

You’re not the only one who’s scared

Leaving your comfort zone can be, well, terrifying. There’s a reason it’s called the comfort zone, after all. Taking on a new adventure or trying something different can seem incredibly daunting, especially when everyone else looks so experienced. The truth is, many others are just as scared as you are. Though they might put on a brave face, trying something new makes everyone nervous. When you take the leap, you’ll find that you’re not as alone as you might think, which is a truly empowering realization.


You’ll grow

As soon as you embark on a new adventure, you’ll grow in all sorts of wonderful ways. When you are constantly adapting to new situations and ideas, you’ll discover parts of yourself you didn’t even know were there. You’ll expand your mind and spirit with every experience you encounter. You’ll gain new knowledge, new ideas, and new insight. Sure you’ll make mistakes and have your ups and downs, but all of these experiences will develop you into a stronger person. 


You’ll become more confident

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When was the last time you did something in your comfort zone that truly made you proud? There are small victories every day, but you’ll notice a huge confidence boost as soon as you try something that scares you. Going down a new path is never easy, but eventually, you’ll realize that you’re capable of anything you put your mind to. Achieving goals and dreams that you’ve had for a long time will make you think, “Hey, I really can do anything!” Even if you don’t succeed the first time around, you can feel proud knowing you had it in you to try.




You’ll find new opportunities

When you venture into the unknown, you never know what you might stumble across. Perhaps you pushed yourself to travel solo for the first time, and along the way, you bonded with other travellers who you are now planning more adventures with. There’s no telling what’s waiting for you out there, and the possibilities truly are endless. Maybe you’ll meet the love of your life, or maybe you’ll discover a hidden talent that you can turn into a business opportunity. There’s no knowing what’s waiting for you out there until you take the leap.


You’ll find clarity

We’re not saying all of life’s mysteries will be answered, but you’ll likely find some clarity waiting for you outside your comfort zone. It’s hard to make decisions and get answers when you’re stuck in the flow of everyday life. Sometimes, all you need is a change to start seeing things in a different way. Thoughts that have been weighing on your mind may seem more clear to you when looked at in a new light. Maybe you’ve been questioning a relationship, a job, or the path your life is on, and putting yourself in a new situation might bring you the answers you need.


You’ll become an inspiration to others

Think of a time when you left your comfort zone. There was most likely someone that inspired you or pushed you to do so. Seeing others achieve their goals or success often prompts us to start a journey of our own. When you take on a new adventure, you’ll be able to share your experience with others and inspire them to leave their comfort zone too. It’s amazing to think that your own journey could impact the lives of others in such a positive way.


Leaving your comfort zone is a huge step, but as soon as you find the courage to do it, a world of opportunity will open up to you. 

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