Running Into Self Love & The Power Of Being Vulnerable -

Running Into Self Love & The Power Of Being Vulnerable

By Amanda Johnson


Hi, I am Amanda! Let me tell you something rad about myself. I recently teamed with Women Who Explore to be one of their proud Ambassadors for Idaho! Let me tell you why I am so excited to share this experience with you!!


I am a proud recovering warrior; I closed the door on my addiction and long battle with an eating disorder and most of this happened with the community of empowering women, outdoors! It is a fact being in nature can be so beneficial for your healing, recovering and just overall well-being! 


10 years ago I was looking for a purpose and needed a new tribe of humans in my life. I had so badly wanted to run a marathon – yet had no idea where to start, so I walked into a local shoe store and found there was a running group that meets on Wednesdays. Hey, it was Wednesday!!! So, I went home with my new shoes, grabbed my dog. And showed up. Back then, I didn’t know about vulnerability as I do now, it wasn’t even a word in my vocabulary.


Brené Brown, vulnerability is defined as “uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.”


The feeling of uncertainty and the risk of my emotional exposure of showing up alone. Intimidated by all the other women. Yet, I didn’t let that hold me back. And it was beautiful. It changed my life and ultimately opened the door for so many possibilities.


Truthfully, it’s hard to show up to something new, with your mind full certainly. Possibly, more nerve-wracking to show up with people you don’t know. Our minds go everywhere from what if they are faster than me, what if I get left behind, what if I fall, do I have the right gear, or what if no one likes me.


Ladies, we all have been here. This is terrifying! I get you, I am you, we all are.


Something so powerful happens with a community of women. I find it even more powerful when we are brave and vulnerable to share this outdoors.  It creates a space for organic friendships to grow and empower each other.

After running my first marathon, I was hooked honestly. I started realizing something, the beauty in how many recovering addicts had also found comfort and healing in running and climbing mountains. I truly believe- everything does happen for a reason. My heart was calling towards running for a reason, a reason I can’t quite explain yet. Possibly I never will be able to, yet it was a gift. It was a gift I want to share. Whether you are a recovering addict/alcoholic, a woman looking for her purpose, a stay at home mom who needs a break,  or you literally just want to see the world- JOIN ME. Share your story with me. 


Today, my experiences and adventures have landed me in Boise, Idaho where my husband and I just moved in December of 2019. I applied to be an Ambassador as a way to meet more like-minded women, explore, and share my gifts with you. I can’t wait to meet you all if you are in the area please reach out, as I would love to meet you!


My favourite ways to adventure; hiking, backpacking, trail running, dog walking, fly-fishing, wandering, mountain biking, campfires, cooking outdoors, chasing stars and sunsets, soaking in hot springs, drinking wine, road trips, learning how to cross country ski, snowboarding (which I am terrible at but keep trying), storytelling and laughing so hard my stomach hurts. Honestly, I just love adventures- you name it, I will probably go. 


Lean into your fears and choose to be brave and vulnerable.

So, tell me are you ready to go explore with me this year? Join us in the Idaho Facebook group for all upcoming local events! See you out there!

In health & adventures,



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