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Make Money & Travel The World!

One of the best parts of being a traveller is sharing your experiences with other people. Perhaps you went to the best Italian restaurant with the doughiest pizzas or found the dreamiest hidden trail near your hometown. You’re probably already planning who you need to tell about it before you even get back. How incredible would it be to turn your love of adventure into a side hustle?

What if you could actually make money by sharing awesome travel experiences with other women?

To many of us, this sounds like a dream come true. Travelling is usually considered a hobby, not a job, and we spend so much time working to save for our next trip. Well, guess what? We are looking for women like you who have a passion for adventure and the outdoors, and who love meeting and sharing this love with other ladies. If this sounds like you, you should consider becoming an ambassador.


So, how does this work? Don’t you have to be an outdoor expert to be an ambassador? The answer is; no. We’re looking for everyday ladies who love the idea of sharing their sense of adventure with other, like-minded women.


Women Who Explore ambassadors have the opportunity to inspire women in their communities. Being an Ambassador means you’ll be running your local Women Who Explore chapter. You must have a knowledge of Facebook, and some fresh ideas on how to spark the interest of more ladies in your community. There is also the opportunity to run the local Instagram account.


You’ll get to plan and execute at least six local meetups a year. You’ll be in charge of creating a Facebook account, inviting guests, and more. You can get creative with the meetups, from sipping cocktails at your favourite bar to relaxing on the beach to checking out a brand new trail.

You’ll be surprised just how much can come out of this position. Our Ambassador Nicole Harder explained that:

As an Ambassador, you’ll get to take part in an online training program, which will give you all the tools you need to inspire others in your community. You’ll also become connected with other Ambassadors around the world and receive support from the ambassador manager. 

More perks!

Including discounts on Women Who Explore getaways, the chance to collaborate with brands, and even the opportunity to run international trips while getting paid! Plus, you’ll become part of an incredible family, which is one of the reasons why ambassador Kika VilaNova loves the job.



Are you ready?

Start by pulling up the website to APPLY, here are a few things to keep in mind. There is some tech required, such as Facebook and the online learning platform. You’ll have the chance to be a jet setter and get paid to lead international adventures. You can turn your wanderlust into a side hustle, and a pretty cool one at that! 

The nitty-gritty:

There is a $25 USD training fee, due upon joining the team. If you can’t afford the fee, there are some sponsorship options available. Ambassadors are required to sign a  non-compete and confidentiality contract for a period of one year.


It will take us from four to eight weeks to process your application. All applicants must be ages eighteen plus and identify as a woman.


We can’t wait to hear from you! Becoming an ambassador is a truly inspiring experience, and can lead you to new paths, adventures, and most importantly, friends. Click HERE to apply!


Need more inspo! Hear what our ambassadors have to say!


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April J

I’m leaving in the province of bukidnon. To be honest i don’t have enough fund for the training, however, i’m much willing to share my interest in outdoor activities with others.
Should the trip will all be participated by woman?


    Hi April! Please feel free to apply as an ambassador if you are interested as we have programs in place to help support!

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