How To Stay Healthy While Traveling -

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling


When you’re travelling, you’ll want to catch planes, not sickness. As incredible as travel is, the downside is that you may be exposed to more germs and viruses as you adventure through busy cities and airports.


No one wants to spend their trip surrounded by towers of kleenex in a hotel bed, so it’s important to take extra precautions to stay healthy while on the road. 


If you’re planning on touring around big cities or places with foreign illnesses, it’s especially crucial to be careful and protect yourself. Stay safe from germs and keep your mental and physical well being intact on your next adventure.


Make sure you follow some of these measures so that you can enjoy your adventures to the fullest!


Sleep, sleep, sleep

First thing’s first, you need to take some time to snooze. We’ve all been in the situation where we push ourselves to keep going out of sheer excitement or the need to see everything. 


As soon as you hop off a long plane ride, take some time to relax at your hotel. The world really can wait. 


Being overtired can lead to a lot of unwanted issues, and your body won’t have the time it needs to regenerate if you’re constantly on the move. Make sleep a priority and don’t push yourself to the limits.


Eat healthy

This seems like an obvious one, but it can be all too easy to take ‘treating yourself’ a little too far on vacation. 


Of course, you want to try all the different foods and indulge a little, and that’s totally okay. Make sure you’re adding some fruits and vegetables to the mix too.


Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring, and there are tons of nutritious restaurants worth checking out in every area. Do some research or use Instagram to seek out some delicious-looking and healthy spots in the places you’ll be staying.


Keep Clean

Washing your hands may feel like old news, but most of us probably don’t do it as often or for as long as we should. Remind yourself to always soap up before eating and after being in public places. 


Avoid touching your face, and carry around a bottle of hand sanitizer for circumstances when you don’t have access to a bathroom.


It’s also a good idea to bring wipes on airplanes so that you can clean off your seat and tray before your ride.


Be Careful Where You Book

If you’re really serious about staying healthy, avoid staying in places where lots of people are congregated.


For example, many hostels have shared rooms, and it can be a fast way for germs to spread.


If you’re concerned about contracting illnesses from others, it’s a good idea to book a private room in a hotel or Airbnb. Check the ratings before booking to make sure the place is clean.


Be sure to wipe down easily contaminated surfaces, such as the remote control upon arrival.


Drink water

It can be all too easy to forget to drink water, especially when you’re busy sightseeing. Water is important to keep healthy while travelling, so make sure you’re taking sips often.


Exercise regularly

Depending on the type of trip you’re going on, you might want to implement a daily exercise regime. 


Even if you’re on your feet touring around, you may not be working certain parts of your body. 


Start the day off with some yoga, or do a quick workout in your hotel room at the end of the day to keep your body healthy and functioning.


Pack snacks

When you’re on the road, it’s super easy to grab fast food when you’re feeling peckish. While it may be convenient, it isn’t the healthiest choice, and you may end up feeling sluggish after a few days of eating like this.


Take a few extra minutes to pack some healthy snacks before a day of travel. It could be as easy as stopping by a local grocery store and picking up some apples, or making little cheese and cracker boxes.


Your body will thank you later.


Eat lots of fibre

Those of us who travel often have likely experienced the inability to, well, use the loo. You can try and avoid this uncomfortable situation by making sure you’re getting enough fibre every day.


Some high fibre foods include raspberries, avocado, lentils, oats, chia seeds, and popcorn.


Prepare properly

Make sure you research your destination and talk to your healthcare professional to find out what vaccines you should get and what precautions to take. 


Is the water safe in your area? Are there any chances of contracting illnesses such as malaria? These are all very important questions to ask before travelling.


Eat breakfast

Don’t wait to grab something quick on the road or eat whatever is available on the plane. Start your day off right with a healthy breakfast. It will fuel your body for the rest of your travels and help keep you and your tummy happy.


Use sunscreen

If you’re going to be outside in the sun at all, make sure you apply and reapply sunscreen. Whether you’re lying on a beach or touring around Paris, the sun will find you, and it can do some real damage.


Apart from being uncomfortable, sunburns can sometimes be severe, causing blisters and even permanent damage that can last a lifetime. Make sure you protect yourself at all times so you don’t spend your trip itchy and red as a tomato. 

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