How To Conquer Your Fear Of Flying And See The World -

How To Conquer Your Fear Of Flying And See The World

So you have the travel bug, but the thought of stepping foot on a plane has you hiding under your bedsheets. 


While the miracle of flight has brought the world so much closer together, it isn’t always an enjoyable experience.


Sailing thousands of feet into the air in a compact tube is not everyone’s cup of tea. Sure, you’ll get incredible views of the world below, but being up that high can definitely get your heart pumping.

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If you feel claustrophobic, have a fear of heights, or hate flying in general, travelling can seem limited and nerve-racking.


No one wants to be held back from their dreams of exploring the world, and a fear of flying shouldn’t stop you from living out your adventures.


These few tips will help you conquer your fears and jet off around the world. It’s not easy to overcome your anxieties, but the end game is so worth it. If you’re feeling held back because of your dislike of flying, these suggestions might be what you need to kickstart your travels.



Learn about in-flight safety


One of the simplest things to do is to pay attention to the flight briefings. There is so much information available right at your seat that will help you learn more about the aircraft and the safety features.


As soon as you sit down, you can read over the safety card, which tells you where all the emergency exits are, as well as how to find and use equipment like the life jacket and oxygen mask.


Pay attention to the flight attendant’s safety briefing. They’ll show you where your nearest exit is, as well as go over the most important information.


Having more knowledge about the aircraft allows you to feel a stronger sense of control, and you can feel confident throughout the duration of the flight.

Talk to the crew


The crew isn’t just there to serve you food and drinks. Flight attendants are trained to handle flying anxieties, and they can certainly answer any questions or concerns you might have.


Sometimes, it may be possible to speak with the pilots or visit the cockpit. The pilots can explain just how safe flying is as a method of transportation, as well as layout the facts about nerve-racking experiences such as turbulence. 


Sometimes just being assured by the experts is all you need to relax. You can sit back knowing that you’re in good hands.


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Bring Activities


No one wants to spend hours with anxious thoughts whizzing around their head. If flying makes you uncomfortable, you should bring along some activities to distract yourself.


Some airplanes will have entertainment such as movies, but you should bring your own things to do just in case.


Pack some adult colouring books, a good novel, load your phone up with games, or do some writing. Think of something that transports you to a calm headspace, and make sure to take it along with you on the flight.


Sit near the front


We’re not just suggesting this because you’ll get served first. If turbulence makes you queasy, the front of the plane is the best place to be. While there’s no guarantee it will still be a smooth ride, it won’t be as bumpy as the back.


Focus on your trip


When you’re on the plane, imagine all the fun things you’re going to do and see when you land. 

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Start planning out your days, make a food bucket list, write down some personal goals you want to achieve. 


Take your mind off the flight and focus on all the wonderful things you’re going to do when you land.


If you’re on your way back, you can reflect on some of your favourite moments, jot down some special memories, and get excited about seeing your friends and loved ones again.




Take something special with you


Most of us have an item that makes us feel safe. Maybe it’s a piece of jewellery passed down from a loved one, or a stuffed toy you’ve had since you were small.


Sometimes, holding onto something dear to you can bring a sense of comfort, no matter what the situation.


Talk to a therapist


If your fear is on the severe side, it might be a good idea to get some professional help. Book an appointment with an expert and talk through your anxieties.


A therapist will know some helpful techniques that will work best for you personally. 


Talk to a frequent flyer


Do you have a friend or colleague who flies a lot? Chat with them about their experiences and open up about your fears. 


Hearing about their successful flights should bring some comfort. Maybe there are a few things that still make them nervous, and you’ll realize you’re not alone in this. 


They may have some helpful tips or techniques they’ve learned to help ease the journey.


The bottom line is, if you love the idea of travel, don’t let anything stop you from going out and exploring. The flight is only a small part of your wonderful adventure, and if you can conquer your fears, the world is truly at your fingertips.

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