8 Lazy Rivers In The USA That Will Drift You Into Stunning Views -

8 Lazy Rivers In The USA That Will Drift You Into Stunning Views

Who else is excited about Spring? Many parts of the world have been hidden under a thick blanket of snow for the last few months, but soon the sun will thaw these frozen wonderlands into gorgeous spring paradises.


It’s time to crawl out of hibernation and bask in the season’s beauty. One fun way to do this is by taking a trip down a natural lazy river.


There are tons of lazy rivers you can visit across America perfecting for floating into the new season.


Whether you’re looking for a peaceful ride or a thrilling rapid adventure, there are lots of places to pick from. 


These spots across the nation have some of the best tubing experiences. 


You can find historic canyon tunnels and unique tank floats at these areas. Drift into stunning turquoise oases, or speed through rushing waves.


Grab your sunscreen and hat and get ready to spend the day in some of the country’s most dreamy lazy rivers.


 Ausable Chasm, New York

Drift along a shiny turquoise river that runs through a majestic canyon at this spot. One of the oldest natural attractions in the USA, Ausable Chasm is located near Plattsburg, New York. 


Towering rock walls line the 3.2 km water trail, and you can spend the day drifting through this dreamy rock tunnel. 


Basic admission starts at $17.95 per adult. You can add on activities such as a float tour for an additional $12 per adult.


Tubing isn’t the only thing offered at this place. You can take part in adventures like rock climbing, underground lantern tours, exploring stunning trails, and more.

Photo Credit: @themacali

Merced River, California

Located in Yosemite National Park, this lazy river offers some of the most incredible scenery. You can float down a 3-mile river surrounded by giant mountains and cascading waterfalls.


You may bring your own raft or tube, or rent one on-site. Pricing is $28.50 per person to rent the raft, and you must be accompanied by at least one other able-bodied paddler. There are also life jackets and paddles available to rent. 


Stop at one of the sandy beaches along the shoreline and bask in the sun as you take in the beautiful views at this place.

Photo Credit: @mellysparkles

Portage Creek, Alaska

Tubing doesn’t just have to be reserved for sunny days and warm weather. You can float down a river filled with glaciers and snowy views. Portage Creek in Dillingham Census will take you through a frosty wonderland.


You can spend several hours exploring this river filled with massive glaciers and surrounded by snow-capped mountains that are thousands of feet tall.

Photo Credit: @lizeymarie

Portneuf River, Idaho

For those thrill-seeking ladies, this adventure is filled with fast speeds and fun. Portneuf River in Lava Hot Springs will whisk you across rapids for a memorable adventure. There are some slower sections too, so you can still get your relaxation in.


You can rent a single tube for just $5 for two hours, or for $12 all day. Life jackets are included with the rental.

Photo Credit: @ampleforever

Farmington River, Connecticut

Enjoy a 4 km journey down this sparkling river. With three sets of rapids, this is sure to be a wild ride you won’t forget.


You’ll pass through lush green forests and serene countryside views on this adventure.


You can participate in this adventure for $20 per person, which includes the tube, shuttle, and equipment. For another $10, you can enjoy the ride for a second time.

Photo Credit: @jayson76edlund

Sinking Creek, Missouri

Just a short drive from Echo Bluff State Park, you can take float trips that range from 4 to 8 hours. 


Upper Sinking Creek has gorgeous caves and cliff walls, and you can enjoy the views as you float along this dreamy water trail. 

Photo Credit: @missouristateparks

Middle Loup River, Nebraska


Explore the lush countryside in a totally unique way with this tour. This company is taking tubing to a whole new level with their tank trips.


Instead of floating down the river in a tube, you can drift along in a giant tub filled with all your friends.


One 2 hour trip is $100 per tank and fits a maximum of five people.

Photo Credit: @to.a.tee.clothing

Salt River, Arizona

Drift past massive canyons and through thrilling rapids on this tubing adventure. You can take up to a 5-hour float on this warm Arizona river.


A $19 cost per person includes rentals and the shuttle. Float away from your troubles on this sunny adventure, and don’t forget to bring sunscreen!

Photo Credit: @phoenixnewtimes

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