One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is to get out and explore some of the world’s most gorgeous trails. Away from the bustle of the cities and noise of the crowds, stunning expanses of rugged wilderness are waiting to be explored. If you consider yourself an adventurer, you need to add these incredible hikes to your bucket list. These spots will steal the heart of any traveller and will allow you to truly connect with the beauty of our world.


Explore ancient ruins, shimmering waters, and mountainous paradises on these breath-taking hikes that every traveller needs to experience. 


These multi-day adventures will fuel your wanderlust and take you through some of the most breathtaking places our planet had to offer. Call up your favourite travelling companion, load up your backpack, lace up those boots, and get ready to do some major exploring.


Inca Trail, Peru


This iconic trail is one of the most famous treks in the world. The four-day adventure will take you through towering Andean mountain paths to ancient Machu Picchu.

Running just over 40 km in length, the Inca Trail will transport you to a mountainous oasis and some of the most stunning wilderness you’ll ever see.

You’ll wander through a cloud forest, where trees are enveloped in dreamy cloaks of mist. With tunnels burrowing through mountains, shining waterfalls, and rugged flights of stairs, this adventure is anything but forgettable. 

Awaiting you at the end of the adventure is the famous Machu Picchu. This expansive Inca citadel lies nestled between the lush walls of the Andes Mountains. Constructed during the 1400s, the exact use for the ancient city remains unknown.

The best time to explore this must-see trail is between May and October. The path is closed in February for the wet season. 

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Milford Track, New Zealand


Winding between mountains and through a dreamy rainforest lies the Milford Track. This hiking route has been dubbed the ‘finest walk in the world’, and when you experience its stunning views, you’ll quickly see why. 

Photo Credits: @haleymoloneycarter

The trail is about 50 km long one way and will take you around four days to hike. You’ll adventure past glacier-carved fords and lush rainforests, as well as New Zealand’s tallest waterfall, Sutherland Falls. 

You can take a dip in some of the swimming holes along the way, and enjoy the views from the suspension bridges.

With lodges along the way, there are lots of chances for you to stop and rejuvenate. You’ll also get to see the magical Pompolona ice field and even take a cruise through the glassy waters to spot some sea animals.

The best times to visit the area are from October to April, with January and February being the hottest months.


West Coast Trail, British Columbia, Canada


The West Coast Trail is a massive trek that runs along the edge of Vancouver Island. You’ll explore wind-swept beaches and lush rainforests on this lengthy adventure.

The 75 km path will take you up to 7 days to complete, but with such incredible views to offer, you won’t want it to end.

The trail is an ancient travel and paddling route that was once used by the First Nations. With many shipwrecks along this area, the coastline was known as ‘the Graveyard of the Pacific’. 

This journey is for hardcore hikers only. You’ll need to climb over one hundred steep ladders, wade through thick mud, splash through rivers, and endure the wet weather of British Columbia.

Photo Credits: @misslucycharlotte

You’ll be swept away to rugged wilderness, incredible ocean views, and glittering waterfalls.

The trail is open between May and October, with the most popular time to hike is in July and August. 


Laugavegur Trail, Iceland


This hike will take you through some truly enchanting scenery. You’ll feel almost as if you’ve been transported to another planet as you wander through the volcanic landscapes.

Spanning 55 km, the hike will take around three to four days. This colourful hike will take you over rainbow hills and glimmering ice caves.

Photo Credits: @travln4adventure

Climb bright slopes of a real volcano, and bathe in natural hot springs on this majestic journey.

You can explore curving rooms of ice that are straight out of Frozen and surreal lava craters. 

The trail is only accessible for a few months, usually from June to September. 


Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA


You can’t leave this one off the adventure bucket list. This classic hike will take you through the canyon’s stunning valleys and ridges, and offers some incredible views.

Photo Credit: @stemp1975

The trail stretches around 37 km and will take you two to three days to complete. 

You’ll have to challenge yourself to descend deep into the depths of the canyon and back up to the highest points. 

A sprawling desert oasis will surround you with every step, and at night, a sea of twinkling stars will sparkle from a never-ending sky.

Watch magical waterfalls splash down the bright sides of the canyon, and visit the lush Indian Garden.

The best time to hike is from May to October, and it’s best to prepare for fluctuating temperatures. 

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