11 Majestic Caves Around The World You Won’t Believe Exist -

11 Majestic Caves Around The World You Won’t Believe Exist

If you’re planning out some hiking adventures for your travels, you can take things to a whole new, or lower, level by exploring these places. Embark on a journey to areas hidden from daylight and full of secrets at these majestic caves around the world.


It turns out caves aren’t just gloomy places filled with bats and shadows. One glance at these places and you’ll fall in love. The world has several impressive natural caves that offer you incredible views off the beaten path.


You can hop on a boat and drift through a cavern filled with luminous glow worms, or step into a frozen wonderland worthy of Elsa herself at massive ice caves.


The largest cave on Earth is home to two underground rainforests, and you can spend days adventuring through it.


No need to pack sunscreen and hats for these expeditions. Get ready to explore some of the most magical places on the planet at these hidden spots.


Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

This unusual cave is surrounded by myths and legends. Located on the deserted island of Staffa, this spot looks almost as if it was carved. The towering, 227 ft. cave is comprised of long columns of basalt, giving it a unique geometrical appearance. The ocean sweeps through the floor of the cavern, and its echo creates a harmonious sound as it reaches the arched roof.


Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave,  Austria

Located in a mountain in Werfen, Austria, you’ll find the largest ice cave in the world. The cavern burrows deep into the mountain and offers truly majestic views of glossy ice formations. You’ll feel like you’ve wandered into Elsa’s castle as you explore this glistening paradise. There are tours offered at this site, so you can take a guided adventure through this frozen wonderland.


 Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

Step into the world’s largest natural cave in Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park. Stretching over 5 km long, this spot has soaring ceilings reaching 650 ft. The cavern is big enough to house a 90 m high calcite barrier and two underground rainforests. You’ll also see stunning formations and two cave roof collapses. One to four-day tours are offered at this wondrous place, and it’s definitely worth seeing.


Vatnajokull Glacier Cave, Iceland

During the winter months, you can find incredible ice caves inside Europe’s biggest glaciers. Often called Crystal Caves, these massive caverns have frozen, rippling walls that will make you feel like you’re in a fantasy world. The glowing blue colours and impressive, glistening formations are something out of a dream. Explore these caves can be dangerous, so you must always go with a guide to ensure you’re getting all the stunning views while staying safe.


Glowworms Cave, New Zealand

This cave is truly magical. A shimmering natural light show awaits you in the depths of this dark cave as thousands of glow worms illuminate their surroundings. You can drift through this radiant cavern in a boat while marvelling at the starry strands of these creatures. This luminous experience will transport you away from earth to a fantastical realm.


The Shell Grotto, Kent

These curving underground passages aren’t just made out of rocks. You’ll discover 4.6 million shells lining 70 feet of tunnels. Follow this beachy pathway to an incredible chamber filled with more stunning shell mosaics. This place is shrouded in mystery, as no one quite knows why or how the caves were created.






Škocjan Cave, Slovenia

This breath-taking cave system looks more like a palace than a cavern. Created by the Reka River, this place is the largest discovered underground cave in Europe. The massive area will take several hours to walk through, and you’ll be greeted with views of splashing waterfalls and huge rock formations. You can also wander across a bridge while journeying through the underground tunnels.


Antelope Canyon, USA

Formed from water erosion, this spectacular slot canyon needs to be on your bucket list. Smooth, curving walls of fiery red sandstone will surround you as you explore the caves and crevices. 





 Cave of the Crystals, Mexico

If you love all things shiny, this place is for you. This impressive cavern is filled with the largest natural crystals ever discovered, and they’ll outshine pretty much anything. The crystals are so tall that humans are dwarfed in comparison. Visiting may be difficult, as the humid temperatures make the cave unbearable to be in for more than a few minutes at a time. The upper canyons are available for access with supervision.


 Reed Flute Cave, China

Nicknamed the “The Palace of Natural Arts”, this cave will transport you to a rainbow wonderland. Illuminated with multi-coloured lights, this truly enchanting space is filled with glassy pools and towering rock formations. The natural limestone cavern is home to over 70 ancient ink inscriptions written across the walls. 

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