10 Coolest Hostels You Can Stay In Around Europe -

10 Coolest Hostels You Can Stay In Around Europe

Let’s face it, your adventure is going to be anything but boring, so why should your hostel be? Your room doesn’t just have to be a place to crash at the end of a long day, it can actually add to your experience. Europe has some incredible spots that will make your travels that much more memorable. With unique rooms like these, you’ll be tempted to spend the rest of your trip indoors.


Hostels are popular ways to save money while journeying around, and if you’re an avid traveller, you’ve likely stayed in a few yourself.


These places may offer cheaper rates than your average hotel, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less amazing. 


From dreamy pastel caves to rustic treehouses, your stay will be anything but ordinary when visiting these places.


Live out your royalty dreams in a stunning 12th-century castle, or sleep in a cell inside a Victorian-era courthouse. The possibilities are endless!


Lavender Circus Hostel, Budapest, Hungary

Located in a historic 19th-century building, this hostel takes unique to a whole new level. Each room has its own individual design created by a different artist. The walls are covered with whimsical, cartoon-like drawings that make you feel as though you’ve fallen into a storybook.





From drawings of shelves and coat stands to sketched bed frames, there’s something almost Dr. Seuss-like about the place.

The hostel offers private bedrooms and apartments, as well as free wifi and a kitchen where you can prepare meals.




Hub New Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

If you’re looking to have some fun, this is the place to be. There’s so much to do at this spot that you won’t even want to sleep. You can let your inner child shine thanks to all the games you’ll find here.


Enjoy the foosball tables and Play Station, and best of all, dive into the adult-friendly ball pit!  The hostel also features a swanky bar with craft cocktails, and you’ll want to stop by and grab the happy hour deal. It’s a great way to meet new friends.



Franz Ferdinand Hostel in Sarajevo, Bosnia

History nerds need to book a stay at this hostel. The design is entirely dedicated to depicting the history of Franz Ferdinand’s assassination in Sarajevo. You’ll discover massive historical photos hung around the space, as well as facts written on the walls. 


There is also a bike rental service available, so you can plan some awesome day trips around the area.



Kadir’s Tree House, Olympos, Turkey

This dreamy oasis is located on the Mediterranean Coast and gives you views of some of Turkey’s most stunning coastline. The hostel is close to ancient ruins and beautiful trails waiting to be explored.


Several rooms are located in an actual tree, so you can spend your evenings above ground in a totally unique atmosphere. 


The perfect place for those with adventure in their hearts, this place comes with a massive seafood restaurant, two bars, and incredible scenery.


Bacharach, Burg Stahleck, Germany

If you’ve ever wanted to live like a princess, here’s your chance. You can channel your inner royalty at the 12th century, Stahleck Castle. 


Situated in the Rhine Gorge, you’ll be swept back to medieval times at this fairy-tale town, which features several romantic wine taverns.


The castle offers sweeping views of the landscape below, as well as tons of games to enjoy during your stay.



Red Boat Hostel, Stockholm, Sweden


Drift off to dreamland on board this riverside hostel, which happens to be a boat. This historic, bright red ship. You’ll feel like Captain Jack Sparrow on board this vessel, which offers a buffet breakfast and close proximity to museums and art galleries. 





Caveland, Santorini Greece


Sleeping in ancient wine caves may sound too good to be true, but it can actually become a reality in this dreamy hostel.


While the space doesn’t house wine anymore, it does feature romantic rooms with pastel colours tucked away in the caves.


Several terraces deliver stunning views of the sea, and there is a pool area and garden to explore.

You can take part in some movie nights and yoga sessions during your stay as well.


Die Wohngemeinschaft, Cologne, Germany


This fantasy land is filled with unique rooms, each one as different as the last. Doze off inside a spaceship, stay in a ballet-themed dormitory, or spend your days in the circus room. 


Every evening, the hostel’s cafe is transformed into a popular bar filled with upbeat music. 




There’s even an intimate theatre where you can enjoy shows, films, concerts, readings and more.





 Lisbon Poets Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal

If relaxing in comfy bean bag chairs and surfing the web on tablets doesn’t have you sold, a look into the rooms of this place will.


The walls are plastered in words and poetry, giving the space a totally whimsical feel. We can’t think of a better way to drift off to dreamland than in a cloud of poems.



Clink78, London, England

You’ll have a jolly good stay in this historic hostel, which was once a courthouse. This vibrant spot beckons all backpackers to its unique and unforgettable rooms. 


You can stay in an actual cell, and hang out in the courtrooms of this impressive Victorian building. 


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