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Welcome to our community! We formed this community for YOU, for every woman out there, no matter what age you are, how experienced or inexperienced you are, what your income level is, what colour your skin is and so on. We started Women Who Explore because we didn't feel like we belonged in the outdoors, that we weren't experienced or had the best gear to be out there. We realized that other women out there must feel the same, intimidated, not good enough to be in the outdoors. So we wanted to create a safe space, a welcoming space. So welcome to this awesome community. We hope you join your local group, come on a getaway, lose yourself in a blog and be inspired to get outdoors and meet other awesome women.


Lindsay & Jenny, founders of Women Who Explore

"Surround yourself with the doers, the dreamers, the thinkers, the believers. The people who are up to big things in this life, and that whole heartedly believe that what you are up to is just as brilliant and beautiful. These people are your soul tribe. And once you've found them, you have the greatest fit one can ask for."



Check out the latest from the blog. And there’s plenty more where these came from!

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