Women Who Explore Hero 1

The world is waiting, are you ready to explore?

WWE is here to bring your adventure dreams to life!

We are Melissa, Lindsey, and Teddi, the faces behind Women Who Explore. We’re incredibly proud of WWE and its community of more than 250,000 women, founded in 2016. We’ve been onboard since 2017 as ambassadors and still pinch ourselves to think we’re now leading this incredible organization. 

Our members come to us thirsty for adventure. And thanks to our incredible communities, they’re not disappointed! Through WWE they find confidence, strength, new friends, and most importantly - themselves. 

When you become a part of WWE, you’ll be welcomed where you’re at, right now, without judgement. You’ll find a safe place to break your barriers and re-write your rules. 

Yes, you’ll find outdoor adventures… hiking, backpacking, climbing, paddling, yoga. But who says that’s the limit? Not us!

You’ll also find opportunities to explore brunches, breweries, parties and city nightlife! We’re all about exploring at your own pace, on your own terms. So, no need to fear that you won’t fit in. You’re already enough and we can’t wait to get to know you. 

It’s our core mission to make sure that our members know they’re enough. In fact, that’s why we exist. Let’s rewind. 

WWE began as a tale of two sisters, Lindsey and Jenny, who hiked up a mountain, armed with little more than a fiery spirit. Sadly, they met a group of women who left them feeling humiliated rather than celebrated when they reached the summit. They realized that other women had experienced this too, and decided to create a safe space where everyone would be welcomed and encouraged to explore in their own way, no matter their level of experience.

When WWE changed hands in 2020, our core mission didn’t change, and our momentum has continued to grow!

Meet Us! 

We are the women behind the scenes managing all things Women Who Explore


Lindsey Egan

I’m a happy dog mamma who loves adventure! I had an amazing time traveling solo around Europe, learning languages, experiencing different cultures and exploring new places. But my true appreciation for nature was awakened during a year in Costa Rica in the heart of the jungle, living alongside sloths, toucans, monkeys and magical butterflies!

I grew up camping, but still wasn’t prepared for my first intense experience of hiking. I’m amazed it didn’t scar me for life!! When I moved to Oregon I struggled to meet like minded women who enjoyed the outdoors. The loneliness was heavy, and I turned to hiking in nature as my solace. It was hiking that led me to WWE and I can honestly say that my life has been transformed thanks to the support, encouragement, inspiration and connection to life-long friends that I discovered there.

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Melissa Wright

I’m busy gearing up for van life where I won’t live anywhere in particular, but will have the freedom to live everywhere! I've worked as a professional photographer for over 10 years and am an amateur filmmaker. Bringing together my passion of adventure with my love of photography has been pretty amazing!

It’s a stark change from my early life, in Arizona, where I didn’t have much access to outdoors life. Being in a small town, with a small community meant it was hard to find people to explore with, so I stepped out alone. 

My passion for exploring didn’t really begin until my 30s, but now it shows no sign of slowing down! Hiking is my first love, and I also enjoy climbing and mountain biking. Finding WWE and connecting to like-minded women from all walks of life has been truly transformational for me. My motto is “Do all the things!” If I have the time and resources, I’ll try anything at least once!

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Teddi Moreen 

I’m an ER nurse, artist and fly-fisherwoman! I have the blood of two bad-ass grandmothers in my veins, and it shows!! My sister and I were raised by my mom in rural Montana, and we had great times together. But, I was always dreaming of the adventures that lay beyond. 

I was determined to see the world my way, and I did, with solo hiking, camping adventures and cross country road trips. Women often told me they wished they could do the same - they just lacked confidence. I wanted to encourage them to just go for it. Thanks to WWE I now have a way to do that. My first WWE adventure was a trip to Joshua Tree with Melissa, and it changed my life beyond imagination!

We each bring our own value to the table and are so excited to be on this journey together!

By now, we really hope you’re getting that “take off my bra, stick my hair in a messy bun, I’m home” feeling which tells you that you’ve found your people!!  

So, we’re cheering you on as you take your first step, the one outside of your comfort zone! 

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