Frequently Asked Questions

How are Women Who Explore Trips different from others? 

We like to call ourself the rebel of the travel world. We are NOT your typical tour company nor your typical outdoor company. We do NOT have all the answers, nor the gear, nor the experience. Our trip leaders are individuals and do things a little different and we encourage that, and therefore our trips are never the same! During our trips/events you might hear some swear words, see some drinks being consumed, share personal details you never thought you would, make lifelong friends and experience places you have never heard

What currency are trips listed in?

All of our trips are listed in USD. Use the currency converter located on the top right when in the product page  if you are buying from another country to see the most up to date price

Do I need travel insurance?

All of our trips outside North America require that you have medical travel insurance which includes at least USD$200,000 worth of emergency evacuation and repatriation coverage. Two weeks before departure we will ask you for proof of coverage. Cancellation insurance is recommended but not mandatory.

What is the group size on these trips?

Our group sizes vary, but never exceed more than 20 people. This gives us the chance to really connect with one another and to make sure each individual has the best time possible

How much does it cost?

It varies from event to event, so you’ll need to look at each getaway for more information. However, we try hard to keep them affordable. This is something we have thought long and hard about! It’s our mission to get as many women experiencing the outdoors as we can! Getaways are inclusive of your lodging, some food and some of the experiences (all getaways list specifically what’s included). You’d be hard-pressed to find another company that offers prices as competitive as we do

I want to participate, but I don’t have the gear/have never tried that activity, what do I do?

Easy answer? Just ask! We have all been there and most of us are still there! None of us started out with the perfect gear and all the experience. We want you to try new things, so reach out to the group and more often than not, you’ll find there are many other ladies in the same boat, or you’ll get a ton of encouragement and offers to loan you gear. Never let the fear of not being good or experienced enough stop you!

What if Mother Nature doesn't cooperate?

Ha! As if she ever wants to cooperate with us! Mother Nature is a beast and when the weather isn't what we want, we simply gear up, change plans or roll with it! During trips, if the weather cancels our activities, as a group we will decide on a new activities. Please note, refunds are not given due to cancelled activities on a trip because of weather. The host and group will decide on alternative activities.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of the Women Who Explore getaways, we don’t offer refunds. We do, however, offer transfers. You are responsible for finding someone to transfer your ticket to and arranging the exchange of funds for your ticket. If you can no longer make the event, please get in touch to discuss transferring your ticket.

In the event Women Who Explore cancels the event due to a lack of participants, registered participants will be notified and refunded two weeks before the event is due to take place.

In the event some activities are cancelled on your trip because of weather or natural disasters, Women Who Explore does not refund those activities. Instead a new plan is made for alternate activities. 

In the event trips are cancelled due to travel advisories, pandemics, epidemics and/or Force Majeure you will receive a credit of the amount you have paid towards the trip to be used on any Women Who Explore trip for the next 2 years. 

Am I allowed to smoke, vape, drink, swear, etc on your trip?

We don't discriminate on our trips. We do ask that you follow the leave no trace principles and be respectful of others around you. As well as follow any laws in regards to smoking and drinking.