WWE 2nd Annual Christmas Gift Exchange -

WWE 2nd Annual Christmas Gift Exchange

This event was so much fun last year! We had drinks and did a white elephant gift exchange at National Westhills. We will be doing the same this year as they were so easily accommodating to our group size.

Here’s how it works:

Purchase a gift that is mountain theme around $20
Wrap it
Join us Saturday Dec 7, 2019 at 8:00 pm for drinks
White elephant gift exchange- everyone draws a number, and we pick a gift from the pile in that order. The first person picks first, then the next person can either steal that gift or chose another one. and so on. If your gift is stolen, you may pick another from the pile or chose to steal another person’s gift. You cannot steal your gift back because once a gift has been stolen, it’s no longer on the table. At the end, the person who went first, gets the option to keep their gift (if it hasn’t already been stolen) or steal what remains (i.e. what hasn’t already been stolen).

If you’re totally at a loss and need a gift idea, PM me and I’ll let you know some ideas from last years gift exchange. It was so awesome to see what great ideas people came up with that I don’t want to post any ideas on here.

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